What is IBF Network?
The International Breathwork Foundation

Is a network open to all people interested in Breathwork.
Is a network for Breathwork practitioners, Breathwork organizations and friends of Breathwork
Provides an opportunity for people world-wide to learn about Breathwork and its practice as a therapeutic and transformational tool for attaining health in body, mind and spirit.
Encourages quality in Breathwork training and practice.
Supports ethics, integrity and professionalism for breathworkers world-wide.
Offers recommendations for Breathwork sessions and trainings and ongoing development for Breathwork practitioners.
Serves as a research and documentation centre for collecting, collating and disseminating information about.
Breathwork internationally promotes international cooperation and exchange programs for research and education.
Embraces diversity and a respectful interactive dialogue to growth.
Is a non-profit organization relying principally on funding by annual membership.